• HD Visual Inspection

    HD Visual Inspection

    High Definition Appearance testing including Silk screen, coding, High Definition detect solder balls, which can detect whether Oxidized and original parts.

  • Final Function Testing

    Final Function Testing

    During a functional test the voltage level of the output signals from the DUT are compared to the VOL and VOH reference levels by the functional comparators. An output strobe is assigned a timing value for each output pin to control the exact point within the test cycle for sampling the output voltage.

  • Open/Short Test

    Open/Short Test

    The opens/shorts test(also called continuity or contact test) verifies that, during a device test, electrical contact is made to all signal pins on the DUT and that no signal pin is shorted to another signal pin orpower/ground.

  • Programming Function Testing

    Programming Function Testing

    To exam the read,erase and program function as well as blank checking for chips including digital memory, MCU and so on.

  • X-RAY And ROHS Test

    X-RAY And ROHS Test

    X-RAY can confirm whether the wafer and wire bond and die bond is good or not ; the ROHS test is via the environmental protection of the product pin and lead content of the solder coating by the photovoltaic equipment

  • Chemistry Analysis

    Chemistry Analysis

    Verified product is original by chemical analysis

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